The Schohanna Board of Baseball/Softball Umpires officiates games in Otsego and Delaware Counties located in Upstate New York. We are dedicated to the training and development of professional umpires to ensure the safety for the players and to uphold the integrity of the game through rules enforcement. Our umpires come from all walks of life including teachers, postal employees, police, small business owners, administrators and business managers.

We believe umpire development is a result of classroom and field mechanics. Because of this philosophy, officials are required to attend a minimum number of these sessions and well as mandatory clinics to remain in good standing. Please view our schedule for dates and times of all meetings.

Board Members

Kevin Dorritie – President

Joe Weaver – Baseball Chairman

Shawn Beckerink – Baseball Interpreter

Louie Barnes – Softball Chairman

Robert McClenon – Softball Interpreter

Steve Andrews – Secretary/Treasurer

John Frankl – Assignor

2019 Committees

Nominating Committee
Harold Couse- Chairman

Membership Committee

Kevin Dorritie, Joe Weaver, Louie Barnes, Shawn Beckerink , (Baseball Member Rep.), (Softball Member Rep.)

Evaluation Committee
Kevin Dorritie, Joe Weaver, Louie Barnes,Shawn Beckerink , David Hotzler (Baseball Rep.), Stephen Farago (Softball Rep.)

Banquet Committee
John Frankl, Steve Andrews

Lifetime Members

Lou Ansak, Vic Chiorelli, Ed Logan, Burl Scutt, John “Jack” Gardner, Phil Erickson, Gary Holway, Dan Bettman, and John Kokell.


Lifetimers above from Left to Right

Vic Chiorelli, Gary Holway,  Dan Bettman, Phil Ericson